EpiMVP incorporates expertise from geneticists, clinicians, computational biologists, neuroscientists, stem cell biologists, pharmacologists and electrophysiologists who have a proven track record of collaboration and stature as leaders of national and international epilepsy organizations. EpiMVP partners with NINDS, ClinVar and ClinGen, industry genetic testing leaders, as well as with clinical collaborators.

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EpiMVP will study non-ion-channel, non-receptor genes commonly implicated in epilepsy. Our ultimate goals are to devise an experimental platform for testing the pathogenicity of variants of uncertain significance (VUS) and to generate a computational model that predicts whether a variant is pathogenic or benign. This work is crucial for the pursuit of novel therapeutics and the promise of personalized medicine.

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Accepting Applications for Postdoctoral Positions

EpiMVP is accepting applications for postdoctoral fellowships for training in Project 1, 2, or 3 with full access to the Research Cores. Successful applicants will be required to apply for…

AES2020 Kickoff Meeting

EpiMVP held its official kickoff meeting on Dec 9, 2020, following the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting. The kickoff included grant personnel, external scientific advisory board members, NIH partners and…